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All about carpet fibers

Deciding on fiber will be the most important decision you make when shopping for carpet flooring because it affects performance and texture. Fibers are defined as the type of material from which the strands are made and each one has its characteristics. Choosing the right carpet for your needs means knowing the different fiber traits and how they affect performance and style.

Understand the difference between stain resistance and soil repellency

Stain resistance means the fiber has no open dye lots so nothing can attach. These rugs are often called hydrophobic and are inherently stain-resistant, even if you have a nightmare spill like red wine or ketchup. Stain repellency means it won’t attract soil, dirt and other surface substances and the soil can sometimes look like a stain (but isn’t). All soiling means is that you might have to vacuum a little more often. Capitol Floor Covering, your local carpet flooring retailer, will discuss that in detail with you.
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Which is better: natural or synthetic?

Both are just as good, and the ultimate decision depends on your needs, style, and budget. Natural fibers come from nature, harvested, and made into fibers. Wool is the most common natural rug. It has oils that repel stains but it is also somewhat absorbent so when it does happen, wipe immediately and don’t let stains set. Wool has superior resistance to soiling since it has tiny scales that keep it from embedding.

Wool is durable, often lasting for decades, and has good resiliency. Other benefits include resistance to flame; it won't burn, only char. It is also eco-friendly which might be of particular interest to the environmentally conscious.

Synthetics are man-made and make up the majority of the carpet floors industry. They are generally more stain-resistant and can be a bit easier to maintain. Nylon is known for its superior strength and resiliency. Polyester is a little less resilient but is hydrophobic (non-absorbable) so there’s superior inherent stain resistance. Olefin is also hydrophobic and budget-friendly. With some extra vacuuming soils and dirt won’t matter much. Triexta has permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. Some say it’s stronger even than nylon.

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